Species Profile: The Rinkhals

Name: The Rinkhals (Hemachatus hemachatus) Range: Eastern regions of South Africa. Typically found in grassland. Diet: Small amphibians, but will sometimes take small mammals and reptiles. Conservation Status: IUCN – Least Concern While closely related to the true cobras, genus Naja, the Rinkhals is actually a monotypic species in the genus Hemachatus. While this species is capable of … More Species Profile: The Rinkhals

Snakebite Fundraising

H.S.I Science Officer JP Dunbar underwent the gruelling ‘Hell and Back Titan’ course at Killrudery, Co. Wicklow on 13th September. His efforts were be in aid of supporting a new ‘Venomous Snake Bite Survey initiative in Bali being undertaken by Ron Lilley. For more information about the survey and if you would like to sponsor the Snakebite Survey … More Snakebite Fundraising