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To help you address your query more quickly we’ve added responses to some of our most frequently asked questions.

I’d like to volunteer for the society. Where can I sign up?

First of all. Thank you. We’re a voluntary society and all help is gratefully accepted. Due to the opportunistic nature of our work (As in, we rush out to do it on the rare occasions when the weather permits!), the best way to keep apprised of volunteer opportunities is to follow us on social media. We try to post about volunteering opportunities as often as we can. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Can you help me identify this animal I found?

Absolutely. We can’t promise we’ll know for sure, but we’re always happy to try. Our best chance at identifying the species is if you can provide a good quality photo. You can email it to us for sure, but try engaging with us on social media if you can. It’s quicker, and it’s a better opportunity for more people to learn from your find!

Can you help me rehome my exotic pet?

We regret that we are not in a position to help in these cases. We are a volunteer led society and do not have the infrastructure of a rescue centre. We know that many rescue centres are at capacity already. Because we cannot personally vet exotic animal rescue centres, we are also not in a position to recommend any specific centre.

What we can help with, is care sheets for some of the most commonly kept exotic species. This may help your efforts to rehome your pet, as potential adoptive owners can research the commitment they are considering.