Species Profile: Tokay Gecko

Name: Tokay gecko (Gekko gecko) Range: Northeast India to South China and as far southeast as Timor. Habitats are typically tropical rainforests, but will thrive in a variety of habitats including human settlements. Diet: Insects and small vertebrates Conservation Status: IUCN – Not yet assessed The Tokay gecko (Gekko gecko) is one of the largest … More Species Profile: Tokay Gecko

Photographic Diary: Lizards of the Irish Coast

On a rainy Saturday afternoon in Cork city, my partner-in-crime, Seán, and I decided to head out in search of sunshine. After loading up the car with binoculars, cameras, and flasks of tea, we drove east to Ballycotton. The beautiful cliff walk in Ballycotton, East Cork, is popular with walkers, photographers and wildlife enthusiasts alike. … More Photographic Diary: Lizards of the Irish Coast

Premature Evacuation: Skinks Hatch Early to Escape Predators

If you handle the egg of a delicate skink, you’ll quickly end up with a sticky mess on your hands (That’s the last double entendre I’m using today I swear). You see, delicate skinks (Lampropholis delicata) have a really cool adaptation: If they are disturbed in-ovum by a would-be predator, they hatch early and make a bolt for … More Premature Evacuation: Skinks Hatch Early to Escape Predators

Tegu Care

Scientific name: Tupinambis meriane Sexing and characteristics: The Argentinian black and white tegu is a large and robust terrestrial lizard. The body is muscular, offset by powerful long nailed limbs designed for digging. The neck is quite short, and the tail accounts for more than 65% of the total body length. These tegus have a forked tongue … More Tegu Care

Bearded Dragon Care

Scientifc Name: Pogona vitticep (Ahl, 1926) Characteristics: Often recommend as a starter-species. The Bearded Dragon is a relatively peaceful species. Most specimens in captivity do not object to handling. If the minimum requirements are offered, this species presents few problems in captivity. The basic colouration is brown and grey with some subtle reds or light colouration … More Bearded Dragon Care

Tokay Gecko Care

Scientific Name: Gekko gecko Sexing and Characteristics: Tokay Geckos can be accurately sexed by looking for the pre-anal pores just above their cloaca. Males should have a prominent V-Shape of pre-anal pores, this will be accompanied by a hemipenal bulge as well. Please note that females can also show the V-shape of pre-anal pores but … More Tokay Gecko Care

Gargoyle Gecko Care

Scientific Name: Rhacodactylus auriculatus Sexing and Characteristics: Sexing Gargoyle Geckos can be quite tricky in juvenile animals. Most are sexed from macro shots when sold as juveniles. It can be done by visual differences found between the two different sexes prevalent only in mature adults. Males have femoral pores on the underside of their thighs in … More Gargoyle Gecko Care

Frilled Dragon Care

Scientific Name: Chlamydosaurus kingii Sexing and Characteristics: The frilled dragon is a medium sized arboreal lizard. Most are of grey to brown colouration, with various tones of rusty red/orange/brown present in the frill, which is said to vary depending on the locality and sex of a particular lizard. The majority of the lizard’s length is … More Frilled Dragon Care

Leopard gecko Care

Scientific Name: Eublepharis macularius Sexing and Characteristics:  Sexing Leopard Geckos can be quite easily and accurately done by visual differences found between the two different sexes. This however is mostly prevalent in mature adult or sub-adult animals. Males have femoral pores or bumps on the underside of their thighs in a V shape. Females generally lack … More Leopard gecko Care