Citizen Science: Creating An Urban Wildlife Refuge

In September of last year, the Transition Year students, of Drimnagh Castle school, asked the Herpetological Society of Ireland to discuss the building of a wildlife pond for their declining local frog population. The original breeding grounds, the moat around the old castle building, had been ravaged by pollution and the introduction of predatory fish. An action plan was compiled under … More Citizen Science: Creating An Urban Wildlife Refuge

Wildlife CSI – Using Forensics to Find Frog’s Foes

This is the story of PhD research carried out by Bastian Egeter, an Irish herpetologist and molecular ecologist who, until recently, was studying and working in New Zealand. I arrived in New Zealand in 2008 to undertake a postgraduate diploma in wildlife management at the University of Otago and became enamoured by the country’s incredible endemic amphibians. Incredible, not … More Wildlife CSI – Using Forensics to Find Frog’s Foes

Gallery: Green

It’s not easy being green, or so that charming, amphibious, banjo-strummer would have us believe. But however difficult life is for the emerald-hued denizens of this great, blue, planet, there’s no denying that green is the colour of life. There is a reason we seek out fields, forests and gardens when we need rest and regeneration. … More Gallery: Green

It’s Not Easy Being Mean

Venomous and poisonous animals capture the imagination of people across the globe. Whether through fear or fascination, toxic creatures (epitomised by reptiles and amphibians) have long been the object of interest amongst the public and scientists alike. This has lead to an incredible body of research on the benefits to individuals of having a chemical arsenal, often obvious such … More It’s Not Easy Being Mean