Atlas Moth Care

Atlas Moth (Attacus atlas) Caresheet Sexing and characteristics. Caterpillars are green, with long, soft, blue protrusions coming out of their bodies, a red spot on the side of their last feet (prolegs), and are covered in white pruinescence (a waxy substance that resembles powder). The adult moths have comb-like antennae and a rusty brown, fuzzy thorax. The heavy-bodied abdomen alternates between … More Atlas Moth Care

Gallery: Green

It’s not easy being green, or so that charming, amphibious, banjo-strummer would have us believe. But however difficult life is for the emerald-hued denizens of this great, blue, planet, there’s no denying that green is the colour of life. There is a reason we seek out fields, forests and gardens when we need rest and regeneration. … More Gallery: Green

Wildlife Photography: Choosing The Right Camera

Piece by Emma Lawlor So you like taking photos of your animals, and have decided you’d like to upgrade your camera and improve on your photography…but there’s so many cameras out there, which one do you choose? COMPACT CAMERA These are the small, pocket-sized ‘point and shoot’ cameras you most likely have, that you carry … More Wildlife Photography: Choosing The Right Camera