Species Profile: The Rinkhals

Name: The Rinkhals (Hemachatus hemachatus) Range: Eastern regions of South Africa. Typically found in grassland. Diet: Small amphibians, but will sometimes take small mammals and reptiles. Conservation Status: IUCN – Least Concern While closely related to the true cobras, genus Naja, the Rinkhals is actually a monotypic species in the genus Hemachatus. While this species is capable of … More Species Profile: The Rinkhals

HSI Project: Documenting Predation During Amphibian Reproductive Events.

The global crash in amphibian populations has created a strong focus on protecting these species from extinction. Efforts to protect these species are often borne from a desire to protect these charismatic animals from harm and to ensure they remain an integral part of a nation’s natural heritage for future generations. However, it is also important … More HSI Project: Documenting Predation During Amphibian Reproductive Events.

Progress In The Fight Against Frog-Killing Chytrid Fungus

Rufous Foam-Nest Tree Frog. Credit: brian.gratwicke It ain’t easy being green. Sadly, frogs and other amphibians are facing unprecedented population declines, and local extinctions, on a global scale. These precipitous declines have been attributed to a myriad of factors, including habitat destruction, pollution, pesticides, invasive species and the spread of infectious diseases. While habitat destruction … More Progress In The Fight Against Frog-Killing Chytrid Fungus

Species Profile: Emerald Tree Boa

Name: Emerald Tree Boa (Corallus caninus) Range: Northern rainforests of South America. Diet: Primarily mammals, but also birds. Juveniles are known to feed on small herpetiles. Conservation Status: Not Evaluated This arboreal beauty received is perhaps one of the most iconic of all snakes and the image of its emerald-green coils draped across a branch … More Species Profile: Emerald Tree Boa

2014: A Busy Year For The Herpetological Society of Ireland

Since it’s formation in 2009, the Herpetological Society of Ireland has worked non-stop to fulfill it’s mission statement; working to “… advance, and promote, awareness and understanding of herpetofauna …, the conservation of native & exotic herpetofauna, and Herpetoculture through education, learning, and research….HSI Chairperson 2010). With each passing year, The Society has grown; undertaking new … More 2014: A Busy Year For The Herpetological Society of Ireland

HSI presentation at Trinity College

Since its inception, the HSI has always sought to collaborate with groups that share our motivation and enthusiasm for the promotion of herpetology, science education and conservation issues. Which is why we were delighted that Science Officer, Collie Ennis, was invited by DU ZooSoc, to give a demonstration at Trinity College Dublin. The event had … More HSI presentation at Trinity College

Snakebite Fundraising

H.S.I Science Officer JP Dunbar underwent the gruelling ‘Hell and Back Titan’ course at Killrudery, Co. Wicklow on 13th September. His efforts were be in aid of supporting a new ‘Venomous Snake Bite Survey initiative in Bali being undertaken by Ron Lilley. For more information about the survey and if you would like to sponsor the Snakebite Survey … More Snakebite Fundraising